Networking & Wireless

Being Connected.

A reliable network can make using your computer faster and easier. Communications, access, and security are just a few of the places where you will see improvements in your daily use as you improve your network.

Do you have more than one computer at home? Do you have a printer or printers? It may be possible for you to connect all of your equipment and share resources.








Society is the backbone of our lives. When we are momentarily disconnected from society we seem to feel our self-worth and value diminishing every minute. As society has evolved into a more digital world, we find more points of failure in our quest to stay connected with the people we love and cherish. From the complexity of the Web, Email, and mobility to the simplicity of a phone call, we can’t miss a minute of our lives.

PC vs. ME is dedicated to minimizing and at times completely eliminating that disconnection.

Are you tired of going from computer to computer to search for files or pictures? What if you could access all of the computers in your home (including the laptops) by just logging in to one of them? Find how by calling 1(888)727-7360.